1. Visit the link
2. Create an account using yor government ID (NBI or LTOFT Control Number) by clicking New Account
3. Input your Personal Information and Upload your ID Picture
4. Applicant receives email from FEO
5. Log in using registered email address
6. Complete your profile
7. Select your transaction (New or Renewal)
8. Complete your application details and click on proceed
9. Upload all your requirements (scanned copy or captured photo)
10. Verify your documents before you proceed
11. Submit and wait for email or SMS notification for reference number
12. Pay via Landbank with the reference number included in the SMS Confirmation (LTOPF Application Fee)
13. Upload your bank receipt and wait for SMS validation
14. Once validated, you can now set for an appointment
15. Choose your preferred branch and date
16. Attend on your appointed schedule. Bring all the physical documents/requirements with you
17. Once physical documents/requirements are verified, certificate will be issued

End of Transaction